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In today’s dynamic global market, extended lead times, product obsolescence, unrealistic or failed delivery dates, and less than adequate customer service are a daily realization. As a franchised electronic components distributor specializing in inductive components, Inductors Inc. is focusing on finding solutions to these problems.

As a customer, you can expect to receive 100% product reliability & authenticity, reasonable deliveries, quick quotations, exceptional pricing, and access to a highly motivated and knowledgeable sales staff. Our #1 goal is to provide purchasing agents and engineers worldwide with the benefits and services needed to research and buy components in an efficient and timely manner. Our range of benefits and services include:

Custom Magnetic Designs

Inductors, Inc. can help you with your custom magnetic sourcing. We are capable of producing a wide array of state of the art custom magnetic components using the highest quality materials. Product types include Inductors, Differential Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chokes, Current Sense Transformers, SMPS, Power Transformers, Air Coils, High Frequency Ferrite Power Transformers, Antenna Coils & Hi-Rel.

Sophisticated Part Crossing Database

We have invested more than 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the worlds’ largest inductor part crossing database. With over 300,000 part numbers evaluated and cross referenced and approved by IEEE degreed engineers.

Substantial Inventory

We are committed to stocking the largest inventory of inductive components in the world. Plain and simple we consider having stock on the shelf to be good customer service.

Forecast / Stock-Hold Programs

The key to our success has been and always will be treating small customers with the amount of respect and attention that is afforded to the tier one and two customers by the world’s largest distributor. We offer stock holding and forecast inventory options to insure that what you need is on the shelf and available for immediate shipment even if you aren’t Apple computer.

Bar Coding

We have bar coding services that we will tailor to specific customer driven requirements and requests.

Same Day Shipping

As a general rule we will get all shipments out on the same day for orders place before 3:30pm. Of course where needed we will do whatever is necessary to accommodate special requests.


We have a large inventory of hi-rel and mil-spec inductive products.